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Updated: Sep 24

No one can escape the word "Documentary" right now. If you're an indie filmmaker it's a great way to showcase your talents. If you're an activist or strategist Documentary can be a powerful tool to gain public favor. And, if you have a Brand or a unique story, a good documentary can wake the mind. And we can't forget "True Crime".

Last year, I wrapped up an Associate Producer gig with Mr. Justice Whitaker; An awesome feature-length documentary called Milestone Generations. Watch the trailer here. And, catch this film on HBO Max before they delete their entire library!

I am also excited to announce I am co-owner of full-service worker-owned cooperative agency, Black Heart. Check out our website here. Black Heart works primarily with art institutions and non-profits, bolstering their digital libraries and increasing their reach. Our work is at the intersection of design and technology.

To see more of my work click here

Here is a list of my most recently watched documentaries: (in no particular order) Our Great National Parks, 14 Peaks, Dear Rider, The DC Movie, Summer of Soul, Long Shot, The Hitchhiker with a Hatchet, Get Me Roger Stone, High on the Hog, The Orange Years, Dave Chapelle's Block Party Exterminate all the Brutes, St. Louis Superman, A Love Song For Latasha, LA 92, Welcome to Earth. In Our Mothers' Gardens, The Pieces as I am, the Defiant Ones.

What does what we've seen say about us, what does what we haven't seen say?

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