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Updated: Jul 16

So Brown Haus is becoming increasingly more complicated, isn't it? This past year I've expanded the business in three crucial ways.

Contract Video Production and Post Production Services, Branded Digital Products (A New Podcast), Curated Gift Boxes.

What do these things have in common? Not much, in a literal sense. The idea is that one day they can merge but until that can happen let me explain a little about each. (And get you excited about supporting)


Brown Haus

I continue to offer my video production and post production services as contract hire. Are you looking for a skilled Camera Operator with gear for your Narrative or Documentary Project? Do you need a competent editor with Color Correction and Motion Graphics? Do you need advise on Budget or Production.

Email me for a Consultation.


Boss Podcast Brown Haus

I have officially launched BOSS podcast. This is my first stab at Branded Digital Content. This podcast will feature Black Business Owners in a space where we can be vulnerable and true. I am exploring the themes of Race and Business. How can we establish a movement that lasts? Listen now!

Stay tuned for more episodes!


This arm of the business is totally and wildly different. These curated gift boxes make self care and gift giving easy. When you buy a Brown Haus Box you are buying from multiple Black Owned Businesses at once. Click now to see our offerings!

Stay tuned for expanded product offerings!

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